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I’m sorry, but my lack of wrinkles and blonde hair doesn’t equal retard

Normally, I’m okay with someone clarifying something a 10 year old would know. I get that I look as though I’m still in high-school. Yes, my hair is naturally blonde. And despite the fact that I lack both the wrinkles and faded colour marks of “maturity”, I would like to assure you that occasionally I know what I’m talking about. Especially when I am passionate about that subject.

Which is why, dear climber girls and guys out there, I’m going to have to ask that when I’m explaining a sequence or a new technique to one of my students… YOU KEEP OUT OF IT!! Do not, dear climber girl who only climbs V3, come up and tell my students (who I have had to convince that I KNOW what I am doing) “Well she says to do this… but you should really do this!” And dear climber guys, my eyes are on my head, not my chest. When you’re attempting to treat me like a child, at least make it PG.

True, dear climber girl, your way of just opening your hips and spreading eagle on the wall works. But we’re talking about some 5’11” teenage boy who can barely sit cross legged ( a little known fact: boys don’t move that way as well as girls do). I was now in the process of making this frustrated 17 year old kid try to look at different ways to do the same move. Your uninformed input was seriously unwanted.

And by the way, I climb V5 and can get the really slabby, technical V6’s. Because, you see, I injured my shoulder a while back relying on my upper body strength like you’re doing all the time. Come see me after you’ve developed ‘golfer’s elbow’ or some other tendon injury, and I’ll help you with your footwork.


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